Cussing Christians

Today you will either shout amen, find an answer you have been seeking, feel overwhelmed with guilt or get upset with me, but here it comes. Short, simple and to the point. Lets talk about children of God who use profanity.

First point. Some will say this is oversimplified, but did Jesus use profanity? As far as I can see he never did. Even when referring to Herod, the strongest adjective He would throw at him was to call Herod a "Fox" (Luke 13:32). So unless someone can show me otherwise, Jesus never used profanity, and as His followers, we are to follow His example.

The second point. (Matthew 26:73-74) Peter had already denied the Lord twice when people identified him as a Jesus follower by "his speech" or the way he spoke. It's hard for a believer who is walking close to God to hide his Amens, Praise God and Hallelujahs! So what did Peter do so as to not be identified as "one of them"? He began to curse and swear.

Profanity poisons the soul and mind. Cursing is the natural man throwing scraps at the carnal man. Rest assured that the carnal man is never filled. We can easily become desensitized after hearing profanity day in and day out. I was watching a real good series on Netflix, it seems to have started out without any profanity but as the season moved on the use of profanity increased. I really liked the show but finally had to stop watching it. Hearing Gods' name taken in vane has always bothered me, however in this show they kept taking Gods' name in vain. My mind (natural man) would tell me, thats just reality, the real world. But the truth is I was slowly getting desensitized.

Finally. I told you this would be short and to the point. So let me finish with a bible verse that you can hold on to if you are struggling with profanity, if you are a cussing christian. I do not want you to get discouraged or to come under condemnation but I do want you to fight, surrender and gain a holy indignation that will motivate you to eliminate profanity from your mouth.

Ephesians 4:29 New King James Version (NKJV)

29 Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers.

I know that this verse also is in reference to "mean words, bitter words, words of anger..." But It also refers to cursing. You may think it, you may feel it, but don't "Let it" come out of your mouth. Most of the time if you curse there is someone listening (how do you think children learn to curse?) You are called to edify and impart grace to others. You may be living a good christian life but cursing can be the fly in the ointment. If you are a "cussing christian" I pray that God gives you wisdom, power and strength to overcome. Don't give in, don't accept that this is who you are. God will help you to let "NO" corrupt word proceed from you mouth.

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