Extraordinary Christians

What makes an extraordinary christian?

what makes a Peter, a Paul a Timothy a Luke?

First of all an extraordinary christian is one who has had a profound and powerful personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only through a road to Damascus experience like Saul’s but sometimes through impartation from a relationship with someone like Paul.

Secondly an extraordinary christian is one with a deepening relationship with Christ. Ongoing consistent fellowship, growing in knowledge and understanding of Gods word and Gods ways. The extraordinary christian finds mentors everywhere and learns from the least. Every experience is an opportunity to know Christ more fully.

Third; the extraordinary christian has focus. The upward, inward and outward look. Loving God, having integrity and loving others. Staying full of the Holy Spirit by not allowing himself to “get full” of other stuff and by seeking every opportunity to be re-filled and re-fueled. Setting his eyes on the things above he does not allow himself to get tangled up with the things of this world. Running a race focused on Jesus Himself as the model, the helper and the prize.

Therefore we could say that the extraordinary christian has and extraordinary Faith, extraordinary Love and extraordinary Hope. A faith that can’t be stopped a love that can’t be suppressed and a hope that will not be suffocated.

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